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Sydney Workshops

Women's Workshop: September

Men's Workshop: September

Melbourne Retreat

More details coming soon.



Heading 2

Bronze Coaching


One month of weekly 60 minutes coaching sessions.

This is perfect if you are looking for a quick bolt of clarity. Perhaps feeling overwhelmed and needing a some guidance to bring small shifts to an area you are already working on. Short-term coaching. Four sessions in total.

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Platinum Coaching


Deep diving into a 3 month program of weekly 60 minutes of

coaching sessions.

Are you ready to do some gritty work? This program asks you to face some old patterns that are ready to go. Just like an onion, the emotional layers of our inner world need to be addressed as the energy comes up for releasing. We get what we can handle. In this program you give yourself the time to do some deep healing and transforming. Twelve sessions in total.

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