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Attracting Love Series: 1

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

May 11th 2016

In this series of 7 videos, we are looking at the habits of people that are able to attract high quality relationships. The first habit is "Getting excited about love".

The first habit of attractors who consistently attract high quality relationships into their lives is that whenever they see couples, married, happy, in love, they get excited. They feel good. It makes their heart open.

They have programmed themselves to have this response whenever they encounter people in love and in really happy relationships. As opposed to feeling like I’m not there yet and kind of hitting into what’s not in my life, they program their mind to think of what is going to come. They are focused on the future and they are focused on it happening for them.

Whenever they see people in love and holding hands and at the movies, an old couple on the bench in the park, they are thinking wow, I can’t wait, that’s going to be me one day, and it makes them excited. It makes them feel alive and it raises their vibration rather than dropping their vibration.

So, whenever you see a loving couple on TV, your celebrities, in your family, your friends, whenever you’re out and about, in the shopping centre, down the road, wherever you are, when you see them allow yourself to go to the place of wow. Say to yourself that’s what it’s going to look like when someone sees me with my partner, it’s going to feel amazing. Tap into what the couple is feeling for each other. When you connect to that, you’ll feel love. You’ll feel expansion. You’ll feel open and your vibration will rise.

Sharanya xx

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