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Manifesting: The Hardest Step

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

November 17th 2017

Ah! So many people give up on the Law of Attraction and manifesting altogether because they fail to do the last step well. It is the most difficult part of the whole process. In this video, I'm talking about manifesting houses!

Currently we are trying to manifest our house, a dream house. We want to buy a house. We’ve been renting for five years and now we feel it’s time to buy a house. So when it comes to houses we’ve always been very fortunate to attract exactly what we want. Five years ago when we moved to Melbourne after we got married, we were living in another state, and we came and we stayed with some family friends and they said we could stay with them for two weeks.

So after the first couple of days we were already searching for rental properties. Now the advice at the time that we were getting or the guidance at the time we were getting was it’ll take three months to find anything good, when you get to a place that you like and you want to put in your application then offer more money per week, maybe like ten dollars a week more for rent, or offer to pay the rent three months in advance. So were getting all these tips and tricks from people who felt the rental market was really, really tough. We got really overwhelmed with that because we’re trying to get what we want and we’re getting all this messaging that it’s going to be really, really tough.

I remember one day my husband and I drove back to my auntie’s house and we were just sitting in the car and we were thinking gosh, we should start looking for the next place that we can crash at, like what friends… which other friends do we have in Melbourne because we’ve only got two weeks until the time here is up, so let’s brainstorm who we can live with for the next two weeks perhaps. So we were really stressed about where we’re going to live.

And I just kind of had this moment where like peace washed over me and I said to him instead of trying to figure that out, how about we just manifest the house that we want to rent. And I got out a piece of paper and I said if you had all the money in the world, if you could have anything you wanted, if anything was possible, what would you want to live in. And we just wrote this massive list and we were decadent. It was so luxurious. We were saying things that were absurd really. I mean they were basic things, like I wanted a kitchen with heaps of storage and cupboard space and a big benchtop. And we wanted to live in between our workplaces so easy to get to work travel-wise for both of us. We wanted two bedrooms, one bathroom, a garage port.

But the interesting thing that we wanted were the things that were quirky. So I loved where my brother was staying at the time. And he had these lofted ceilings so I put down lofted ceilings, like that beautiful, spacious kind of chapel curve, you know, angle on the roof, so you got this beautiful loft feeling. And my husband wanted a spa bath. And at the end of the list I wrote and I want to wake up to birds singing outside my bedroom window. It was an insane list but we just went nuts, like we opened up our heads, our minds. We didn’t limit. We just said if we could have anything, what would we want. And the very last thing we said please, within our budget.

Funny enough there was this one house that was on our list to go and inspect. We had a list of about ten that we had already gathered before we came to Melbourne and we’d lined up the inspection times. And this was the one place that I was like it looks a bit small, I don’t think I’m going to go. But something inside just said do your best, go and see everything on your list, dn’t filter out yet.

I went the next day after we wrote this list out and it was just myself. There was no one else attending because it was a random day to inspect a house. I think it was a Wednesday morning or something like that. And I walked in and it had lofted ceilings and it had two bedrooms, one bathroom. I was walking around the house. It was so much bigger than the photos showed. So that was my concern, I thought it was too small for us but it was actually bigger and I think the lofted ceilings really helped. And I go into the bathroom and it’s a spa bath.

I’m like this is ticking all our boxes. Alright, I’m really happy with this. So incidentally I was just kind of said look I’m really happy, I’m going to hand in the application forms. We had prewritten them out. We were ready to go. And the lady was so lovely. I remember as I was just wrapping up with her and just about to go I said look, my… it says that I’ve got… employment, like I’ve got a job, but I just had the interview two days ago and they said I pretty much got the job but it’s not 100% official yet, so I will let you know when that’s official. That was the only thing that I was just a bit concerned about on the application form.

And I said I just got married a couple of weeks ago. We just arrived in Melbourne last… just a Sunday gone. Literally we’d just been there four days, five days in the country. And she said where did you get married and I said I got married in South Africa and it was a huge conversation. So we just… she had done five years secondment for her work in South Africa. We just bonded over this South Africa commonality. And it was just flowing, like it was just really cool. And she said look, when can your husband come and see this place. And I said he’s pretty good, if I like it that’s enough. And she was really insistent that he should come and see it, probably from past experience. She knew that this had to be done. And I said look, we can come tomorrow morning.

The next day both of us my husband and I walked into the house and he loved it and he said yeah look, this is great. She said I’ve already spoken to the owners and it’s yours if you want it. And within a day, two days, we had our house and it was everything. The funny thing is when we moved in we woke up the next morning and birds were singing outside the window and then when I went to investigate there was actually a bird’s nest in the tree outside our window. But we got everything we wanted.

The funny thing is we never asked for heating, because we’d never lived in Melbourne before, we didn’t realise just how miserably cold it gets in Melbourne and we didn’t asked for heating. So it had really poor heating. It had everything on our list but there was no heating, like it wasn’t proper heating so we were really cold that year.

When we were manifesting our next house the first thing on the list was ducted heating, was proper heating for this house. And just like that we wrote lists every time we were wanting to manifest a new place to rent and we would get it. There was this other house two houses later where it was so originally out of our budget we just thought this is like… I went in to have a look at it and my husband happened to be around the corner. We went in together just to have a look at this place because it was nice. And I’d seen about fifteen or twenty houses prior and I was thinking why is it so hard. Usually I can manifest houses like that. Why is it taking so long?

And I went into this house just because the photos looked so good and I thought okay there are some nice houses out there. This was way out of our budget. We walked in, we loved it, we got too excited. We said yes, we want it, we’ll put the application in. He said okay, fine. The next day I called up the real estate agent and I said look, we have to withdraw our application, we got too excited. He said why. I said it was out of our budget. And he was a lovely real estate agent and he said fair enough, that’s fine.

The day after we get a call from him and he says look, I’ve spoken to the owner, they’re going to reduce the rent by twenty dollars a week. Is that in your budget? And I was like it is, it’s like the top end of our budget. Fine, we’ve got it. It was just crazy that the time I needed to look for houses over that month and a half or so the owners I’m assuming were just getting tired of waiting for renters that met their criteria to show up that they were willing to drop the price by twenty dollars for a young couple that kind of met their criteria. It was just mind-blowing.

And so, we have always had very, very positive experiences when manifesting a house. We haven’t had any blocks that we had to work on. We feel we are… I mean the word ‘entitled’ is not quite right. Deservability doesn’t even feel right. It just feels like fun. It doesn’t feel like there’s any hang-ups around worthiness about having a great house. You know those things that kind of block you up when you’re trying to manifest things is usually am I allowed to have it, do I need permission from some other source to have what I want, will I lose it as soon as I get it, all those kind of blocks that we have inside our subconscious mind that stops us from manifesting exactly what we want. When it came to houses we didn’t have any of those.

Now we are in the place of manifesting a house we want to buy which feels a lot different because now it’s a permanent thing, we can’t just… We’re not nomads. We can’t just kind of get up and move whenever we please. This is about setting down some foundations and some roots. So again we’ve got this loose… actually… yeah, it’s a loose list of what we want in a house. For my husband it’s important that he has a backyard to throw the kids in when we finally have kids, and he wants to be near nature. So this was a new thing after Costa Rica. We really want to be living near nature, like looking over a park land or surrounded by trees somehow. We don’t want to be in an apartment block. We don’t want concrete around us. We want trees. We want birds. And then the basic kind of number of rooms, number of bathrooms, number of car ports. And loft feeling, it’s a loft kind of structure.

Now we found a place that we really like and it’s going to auction in a couple of weeks. This is the most difficult part of manifesting. It’s the letting go. The letting go. We find it really easy to know what we want based on what we don’t want. We can create a list of everything that our heart desires. We then put in the action and we go, we make a list of all the houses we want to see, where we’re going to do an inspection, we talk to the real estate agents, this is what we want, is there anything… so there’s a lot of action involved which is needed when manifesting. You need to put your energy into it so that the universe can match it, so it 12:03 this is what you want.

But the third step I find is the most difficult and what… you know, when talking to people. It is the step of letting it go, letting it go. So what normally happens when we’re trying to manifest something is we fall in love with that guy, and universe, make that guy fall in love with me. I want him. Or we fall in love with a house. That is the house that I want. Universe, give me this house. Or that is my dream job, that’s the one I want. Break everything away, pave the way for me to get that job. And that is not the way to manifest.

Your mind only knows what it knows and what it’s seen before, what it’s experienced, what it’s downloaded, what it’s consumed. It doesn’t know the future. It doesn’t have the capacity to have access to the unknown. That lies in the layer of your heart and your soul. Your inner voice is the connecting voice that helps you connect to that part of yourself that is in-tune with everything that has ever existed and ever can exist, the field of infinite possibilities, infinite opportunities. Your inner voice has access to that space.

Letting go of the result means universe, this is the house I really like, if it’s meant for me let it be. If it’s for my highest good then let it be. So you’ve kind of shown the universe and you’ve said to the universe this is the one I pick out of everything I can see right now. It’s the best option for me. Make it happen if it’s for my highest good.

And so, if it doesn’t happen, two things. One, there’s something inside blocking you from receiving what you want and that’s an internal journey to go on by yourself, or two, it’s not meant for you. There’s something equally as good or better fitted for you out there that you have not encountered yet. So that’s the surrender. That’s the surrender to God, that God knows more than you do. The universe knows more than you do. Put your trust in there but do your diligent work. Do your work. Do your part. Show up. Go to inspections. Write lists. Make phone calls. Make it happen as much as you can and release the end result.

It’s a tough conversation to have with my husband because he’s completely fallen in love with this house and the auction is in two weeks, and it’s so easy to say to the universe please let this house be ours because it meets everything on our criteria. It’s within our budget, completely within our budget, so that gives us this sense of financial relief in a way. We’re not signing up to a 20-year mortgage. But we have to let it go. It might not be the best one for us. It might not be the right one for us. There might be some horrible issues in there that we just don’t know that we can’t see or that might manifest three months after we move in that then we’d be regretting wanting this house in the first place.

There is this space inside us that needs to leave room for the unknown options out there. And when you can decide for yourself that if it’s not this it will be something just as good or better it’s so much easier to let it go. It’s so much easier to let go of that object of your desire. So when you’re manifesting, have a set of criteria without the container for it. So you’ve got the qualities of the guy that you want to attract or the woman that you want to attract. You’ve got the qualities. You know how you want to feel when you’re with them. It’s an experience that you want to have. It is not a picture that you want to attract or a video that you want to attract of that one. They have to… that’s the one. It just narrows down all your options to this one person and you have no idea if that’s the right person for you.

It’s the same thing with a house. You have all the qualities you want in a house. So when we walk in we want to feel as though it’s a haven, a retreat. It’s a place where our soul can just be at ease. We’re surrounded by trees and forests and nature and that helps our soul just replenish and feel nourished and joyful. It’s a space that we can raise children in quite happily. It’s a space that we can entertain with friends and family. It’s a space that we feel free living in. These are feelings. These are experiences. These are qualities that we want to attract, not the specific address. It’s a whole different way of thinking about it. It’s go for the qualities and the experience and then the universe will find the bricks and mortar that will fit that for us.

Letting it go on auction day is our challenge. Okay this is the greatest house we’ve found so far but if it’s not for us then do not let us have it. Do not bring it to us. Give it to someone else who it’s better suited for.

I will let you know how we go on auction day. It’s in two weeks’ time. But I just wanted to share with you that that is one of the most difficult things to do when manifesting, the letting it go of how it’s going to arrive to you, of what exactly is going to turn up for you. That is one of the most challenging parts of manifesting and that’s when people kind of give up and go this doesn’t work because he never fell in love with me and we never got that house and I never got that job, so this manifesting stuff is just crap. But it’s not. It’s so real. It’s so real. We’ve done it so many times now that we just… we still get surprised every time we manifest something, but we now have trust in the process because we’ve done it so often that it doesn’t surprise… that it does still surprise us but we are so elated with the process every time it works and we trust in the process that it will work for us.

When you’re manifesting know what you want and have the qualities and the experiences that you want to experience in your manifestation once it arrives, do the work of then doing as much as you can with what’s in front of you and you will then be led further and further down. So you can’t be guided by the universe with action if you’re not already in the flow of action, because once you start moving it’s easier to move the ball than to go from absolutely still and inertia. It takes much more effort. And so when you’re not doing anything and trying to manifest something, you will then screen out actions based on what you think is worth doing or not, and that is not the way to manifest. You need to just make a list of everything in front of you that you can get on top of, start putting action in towards it, and then be open to guidance along the way.

We are now looking at a suburb that we initially did not have on our list, but once we were guided to go there … we have now seen all these beautiful options of houses that really meet our desire of what we want in a house, and this one in particular is right now the best option that we’ve found. Letting go of this particular option, this particular house is now the next step for us. So I’m going okay if it’s meant for us, let it be, if it’s not then give it to someone else. There will be something else out there.

Don’t put all your hopes and dreams on one thing and have all your desires be wrapped up in this one thing. You don’t know how it’s going to look when it manifests, so let go of what it’s meant to look like for you. That is the sharing I wanted to bring to you today. Good luck with all of your manifestations. It is a beautiful process and journey once you get going on it and it does bring results, it really does. I will keep you all up to date with what happens with this particular house.



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