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Life Purpose

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

February 10th 2017

Pillar 7 in the Three Cups Full philosophy

When I was completely overwhelmed with the question - what am I supposed to do with my life? - my inner voice came through and guided me!

The final pillar, pillar number seven, is do your bit and when everyone does their bit everything gets done. It really is about purpose. It’s about connecting to the work, the work that you were born to do, that you feel inclined to do, that you’re interested in, that lights you up, that makes you feel alive, and knowing that that’s all you have to do. You just have to focus in on your bit, your piece of the puzzle, this whole mosaic that makes up the human race on this planet.

And when you do that, one, you give other people permission to find their bit and to go for it. Just by watching someone else lit up in their work we feel like we can do it too. But two, knowing that when you feel that enthusiastic about a particular part of the pie, work that you want to do, when everyone is doing that everything gets done. And so when everyone is bringing enthusiasm into the equation, knowing full well that it’s not an easy journey following your heart and following your life purpose and figuring out what your dharma is. No, it’s not. It’s challenging and it’s meant to be challenging. You’re meant to grow with it and find parts of yourself you didn’t realise existed and to let them come out and experience the light of the world and to share it. But there’s this energy, there’s this enthusiasm that will catch on like wildfire, and when everyone is doing their bit with beautiful focus, everything will get done.

I was made aware of this a few years ago, when… It was three nights of darkness… The incident that happened a few years ago where this woman was in the most horrific way I guess brutally murdered. And it affected me, it really triggered me off, and I just… it was like the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was just like this is too much, this whole planet… oh my gosh. If I can just check out and go to another planet… Another planet, as if there is such a thing I would do it.

I was in one of those places and it was dark for three days and I literally lost faith in humanity. I just lost faith that we could move out of the Kali Yuga which is the Darkest Age where the veil of illusion of who we are, our true identity, of our divine identity is hidden from us with this illusion that we are separate from each other and from a higher purpose, a higher plane of consciousness. And from moving into the Kali Yuga into the Golden Age which is where we understand that we are divinity walking the planet. I was like it’s never going to happen. We’re not ever going to move into this Golden Age, this Satya Yuga age of truth where the veil is lifted.

I just lost complete faith in myself, in humanity, in everything, and I was just like this is too painful, it’s too much. And I remember for those three days I had my hands in the air and I was asking what am I supposed to do, like what am I really supposed to do about this, and I wasn’t asking from a place of receiving an answer. I was asking from a place of I’ve already decided that there’s nothing to be done. And so therefore I could not hear any kind of guidance.

But towards the end of the third day… And three days can feel like three years when you are feeling so low. It’s just… time expands. You can feel every breath. It’s a horrible place to be. I remember asking what am I supposed to do. And I asked it from a place of openness, like the vessel was open to receive the message, the guidance, and three words loud as anything came up from my inner voice, and it was simply do your bit. Do your bit.

And with those three words this wave of relief just washed over me and I felt this burden just fly off my shoulders. I think I had just taken on the pain of the whole world and everyone in it, and I just wanted everyone to be happy and okay, idealistically. It’s the dreamer in me. And when I felt like it just was not going to happen it devastated me.

And so these three words, do your bit… By then I already kind of knew what my purpose was. It was all about Three Cups Full and helping people connect to their own intuition so they become their own guru, their own guide, and then letting that path take them wherever they need to go. And I knew that was my bit, that was my piece, because through grace I’ve been guided to do that. So I guess that’s what I feel like I can share with other people.

The sense of relief was instant and I just breathed out and I thought okay, I can do that, I can get up and I can do my bit, and that’s all I need to do. There are other people taking care of other parts of the world. There are other beautiful people out there that are connecting to their work and doing it, and all I need to do is just my piece of the puzzle.

And that is the final, probably my favourite… one of my favourite pillars of Three Cups Full, is knowing that when you do your bit and everyone does their bit, everything gets done. When those three words came up, do your bit, I also had this vision, it was just in my mind, but it was this picture of the planet. And I get goose bumps thinking about it now because it really helped me shift out of that dark place. But it was the whole planet, beautiful Earth, and like thousands, millions of lights all around it, and those lights represented people doing their bit. I’m getting emotional as I remember. It was so beautiful. It was the planet lit up with people lit up with their purpose, their dharma, their mission, and contributing to the whole in their little way. And I think when everyone does their bit everything gets done and we move towards the Golden Age which is a beautiful, beautiful place to go, I think. So pillar number seven is do your bit and everything will get done.



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