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Let Your Soul Lead

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

February 7th 2017

Pillar 4 in the Three Cups Full philosophy

Your mind follows your soul.

The fourth pillar is your mind follows your soul. Your mind is a wonderful servant and your soul or your heart as some people call it is meant to be the master. And the famous quote by Einstein is that we have made the mind the master and the heart the servant, and that really undoes our life and our grounding in life.

So your mind can only advise you with information that it has known before, anything it’s experienced before, heard from other people before, read about, absorbed in any way, in any fashion, your mind can only help you out with future decisions or decisions about your future based on knowledge that it already has attained. So it doesn’t know what it doesn’t know.

Your soul however knows everything, knows absolutely everything. It is your connection to divine intelligence. It knows past, present, and future. It can see around corners, just like how I explained in the previous video about the man who was wanting directions to the train station. Your soul, your inner voice is connected to absolutely everything, and if we are all following that inner voice, then everything will get taken care of. Everyone will get taken care of. It’s only when we are processing decisions with our mind that is steeped in fear that we get into trouble.

The mind makes decisions based on everything it’s known before, so the unknown scares the hell out of your mind. It doesn’t know how to deal with the unknown. It’s like a database. It needs all the gaps filled in in order to make decisions. So if you’re using your mind to make decisions you’ve probably got a pros list and a cons list and you’re debating about which way to go ahead based on what you know and what you can figure out from where you’re at.

But there’s this part in life that is the unknown. It is this darkness, this void that seems so terrifying to move into, but once you do it is eliminated and the unknown becomes a known. You’ll only follow into the unknown, you’ll only step into it if you follow the guidance of your inner voice. Your mind will really try to keep you safe and comfortable and within the realms of what it knows, whereas your soul will always keep guiding you to expand, to explore, to be curious, to try new things and to grow. So if you want to grow, you follow your soul. Your mind needs to follow your soul.

And just like how in the third pillar your intuition, the voice of your soul, your inner voice is a skill that can be developed, and so it is possible to hear the guidance of our soul. And when the mind is our servant, we are then able to walk the path of our soul. And that is the fourth pillar, the mind follows the soul.



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