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Intuition is a Skill

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

February 6th 2017

Pillar 3 in the Three Cups Full philosophy

Intuition is a skill that can be developed.

The third pillar is intuition is a skill that can be developed. When I heard this for the first time about… I think it was ten, twelve years ago from my meditation teacher it really shocked me. It was something I had never heard before. I’d always thought that people were either born intuitive or not, and it was fixed, you were just born with a certain level of intuitive capacity.

When she said that it’s a skill that can be developed she set us out on an assignment for a week and basically said if you think you can hear your intuition or your inner voice which is the voice of your soul then follow it. It will never ask you to hurt yourself or to harm anyone else. And she said it’s trial and error. You’ll follow what you think is the inner voice and it really is your ego and your mind and it’s caught up in fear and it’s trying to create drama in your life.

But we set out for that week and we followed and acted on what we thought was our intuition when we thought we could hear it. And one really bizarre thing happened that kind of changed everything for me when it came to intuition… I was living in Sydney and I was walking down to the shops just to get some bread and milk I think, just a mundane, boring day. It was beautiful and sunny.

And out of nowhere my inner voice said to me that man is going to ask you how to get to the train station so prepare. And I was like, what man? There was a man like fifty metres in front of me walking in the same direction so I could just see his back. And I was like this doesn’t make sense. One, he’s walking in the wrong direction, and two, he can’t even see me. But I followed it because it was a surprising voice. I was like I don’t even know where that came from. So I just… I listened to it and I kind of had some set instructions, if this man was going to ask me how to get to the train station I knew what to say.

Sure enough after I had prepared, he turned around and he walked up to me. He was about forty, fifty metres away, and he walked straight up to me and he said hi, can you help me, I need to get to the train station, how do I get to the train station. And I’d prepared, so I was like… this is how you get to the train station. And then he walked off and I never saw him again.

He would really never know the impact that whole interaction had on me because I had heard what I thought was my inner voice, I followed it, and it really was my intuition. It’s not something that I had imagined and made up from my own mind. It was really a voice that was much deeper than that. And it really made me understand that you can really develop the skill. It is something that can be honed in, mastered, improved, and the way it improves your life is just phenomenal in terms of decision making and really any kind of guidance you need, you can just get it from inside you. You’re not dependent on anyone else.

And so intuition is a skill that can be developed, and there are ways in which you can move into this beautiful, beautiful relationship with your soul that will help you. And so when your soul, your inner voice is in charge and your mind is helping you out, that is when you know things are just going to open up for you. So intuition is a skill that can be developed. That’s the third pillar of living three cups full.



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