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Feeling Full is an inside job

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

February 4th 2017

Pillar 1 in the Three Cups Full philosophy

Feeling full on the inside cannot be delegated to anyone else.

The first pillar that kind of creates the foundation that all the work at Three Cups Full rests on is knowing that feeling full is an inside job. So feeling full of life and energy and respect, love, acceptance, all the three cups, is an inside job. Nothing on the outside can really give you long-lasting fullness.

You may place this responsibility of feeling full in someone else’s hands. It could be a partner. It could be a career, a job. And it may work for a little while. It may help you feel fulfilled or full on the inside, but sooner or later that person is going to say something that’s going to make you feel horrible about yourself in some way or it’ll just… they’ll hurt your feelings in some way or your career might kind of hit a road block and suddenly you’re left feeling lost and wondering what are you doing.

We all know the feeling of feeling hollow and empty inside because a lot of us grew up with the pattern that stuff on the outside helps me feel good on the inside. And so we’re seeing out in the world this whole movement towards minimalism and less is more. It’s really redefining what we need to feel full on the inside. And so one of the main pillars of Three Cups Full is knowing that feeling full is an inside job.



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