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Everything touches

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

February 9th 2017

Pillar 6 in the Three Cups Full philosophy

Everything is connected.

The sixth pillar is everything touches. Everything is connected, not just physically as in the ecosystem that we are a part of I think as a human race. Humanity on a global scale has really forgotten that we are part of the ecosystem, that everything we do affects everything else. We seem to be living in a world where we don’t fully get that. Not just physically but emotionally, energetically, we are all connected.

The best way to think about it is when you walk into a room or if someone walks into the room, before they’ve said anything, before there’s any kind of interaction, you kind of get… you sometimes get a good vibe or you get a weird, yucky vibe. And that’s pure energy. It’s just a feeling.

But the energy that we hold inside ourselves which is kind of the accumulation of the thoughts, the feelings, the decisions that we hold inside has this frequency, and whenever… wherever we walk, that frequency is us. We take it with us everywhere. So that frequency can be spreading joy or it can be spreading disappointment, your frequency could be set on guilt, whatever your set frequency is affects those around you. And it’s a ripple effect.

And so the sixth pillar, everything touches, is one, knowing that you’re connected to everything. You’re not separate. You belong. You’re part of the fabric that is humanity. But also on the other side of that to know how responsible we need to be for our thoughts and our feelings and our actions, our behaviour, our attitudes, the way we treat people, to be so responsible, to take into account that everything this little human being does affects the whole.

I mean it was I think Grade 7 Science where we went through the ecosystem and we learnt about how the ecosystem environmentally was set up in this particular geographical location, I can’t remember where. And we learnt that if the temperature just changes one degree or two degrees the mosquitos go north, like they go up the mountain. And from that so many things get affected, like everything touches everything. And so the temperature has then caused one particular insect to move location and that affects all the other creatures that were there underneath, and with the mosquitoes moving north everything there gets affected. It was just like this chaotic scenario where one slight adjustment, slight change in the environment affected the whole chain, affected everything.

And so I think it’s the height of arrogance as a human race to feel as though we’re separate from the environment, from Mother Earth. And I think the thing that’s going to bring us back to each other is going to be connecting back to the ecosystem, connecting back to the Earth. So at least if we know that we’re part of the land that we are… we are… we will eventually be dust. We will go back to the Earth, and while we’re living and breathing we are part of the ecosystem, we’re bringing ourselves back to each other.

The Native American Indians have this beautiful saying… I’m paraphrasing, but it says something like before each thought, word, and deed consider the next seven generations. And I remember hearing that and I thought what a way to live. That is so beautiful. That’s so powerful to think that everything that we do as an individual will affect the next seven generations. We really do have to be very mindful of the way we are with ourselves and with others and in the greater scheme of our environment. And I love this pillar, number six, which is everything touches.



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