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Attracting Love Series: 6

May 20th 2016

In this series of 7 videos, we are looking at the habits of people that are able to attract high quality relationships. The sixth habit is "Taking care of yourself - of all three cups".

The sixth habit of attractors that are able to consistently attract high quality relationships into their lives is that they know how to take care of their three cups. So everyone’s got three cups inside of themselves, a love cup, and acceptance cup, and a respect cup.

And attractors have an idea of what it means for them to take care of each their cups so that they feel loved, they feel accepted, and they feel respect for themselves. So they’re able to keep their own cups full, which means that they will always attract high quality relationships because when you’re full you attract full. You will attract someone who can equally keep their cups full.

And so the more you nurture yourself and the more you take care of yourself, the more you’re used to the feeling of feeling taken care of and nurtured, so it’s easy for someone to come along and add to that. Deep down everyone’s wanting someone that nourishes their soul, and when you know how to nourish your own soul you can recognise when someone does it for themselves and will help you continue to nourish your own soul.

So one of the biggest, biggest habits of attractors attracting what they truly want is the ability to keep their vibration high and they know and they’re aware when their energy is leaking.

So when their love cup is draining, there might be someone in their life that they are needing… seeking validation from all the time and once they become aware of it they plug it up. That’s not how my life is going to be lived. I give myself the validation I require. I give myself the love I need. I give myself the acceptance that I want. So wherever I walk, wherever my feet are on the ground, I feel as though I belong. I don’t need anything else. And I respect what I do. I respect my mind, my thoughts, my feelings. I respect myself. I respect this package.

And so when you’re radiating that kind of love, acceptance, and respect for yourself, it’s what most people call confidence but it’s just kind of broken down. Confident people don’t need to be told that they’re good. They already feel that for themselves. So they’re not seeking validation from others. It’s very easy to be around people that are confident because they’re not continually trying to pull your energy to fill themselves up.

And so people that are able to keep their three cups full, it’s much easier for them to attract people into high quality relationships because those people they’re attracting equally know how to keep their own cups full. And so they feel nurtured by each other and nourished by each other.

And so that’s just one beautiful way of living your life and attracting exactly what you want when you’re in charge of your own cups and not to say that you don’t need anyone in your life. You’re in charge of who comes near your cups, so you know who you can trust to take care of that innermost part of yourself, where you feel safe to be vulnerable and you feel safe to open yourself up to certain people and you learn through trial and error and experience about who is safe with your cups.

And so they help fill them as well but you are 100% responsible for the state of your cups and keeping them full, and you know you have your own system of what to do when you feel a little bit drained. You’ve got your finger on the pulse of when you’re needing some cocoon time and nurturing time and ‘me’ time. You know what to do to take care of yourself and so you attract someone who is going to be in that wavelength of being able to take care of you as well.



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