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Attracting Love Series: 5

May 18th 2016

In this series of 7 videos, we are looking at the habits of people that are able to attract high quality relationships. The fifth habit is knowing that "Each person brings a gift".

The fifth habit of attractors that are able to consistently attract high quality relationships into their lives is that they see all their past relationships as gifts and all their past partners as having brought gifts into their lives, and that’s what helps them move on and let go of past relationships and not having one eye on the past and looking back at what used to be and feeling nostalgic for anyone in the past. They’re able to accept the gifts that each person brought into their life and let them go with gratitude and thankfulness and appreciation and love.

And so when they think about their past relationships they feel really light. They don’t feel heavy, they don’t feel bogged down, they don’t feel a sense of burdensome. They feel grateful. So with all the past relationships that they have experienced, they look back and they have a sense of appreciation.

And it’s not always from positive experiences as you all probably know. Not all of our relationships are hunky-dory. A lot of them are tumultuous and rollercoaster riding and up and down. And they test us, they sometimes bring out the worst in us, the worst in our partners, and so they can be quite volatile relationships and very reactive relationships. But each of them have taught us something about ourselves and therein lies the gift.

So attractors focus on the gift that each person has brought into their life, whether it be learning to speak up for yourself because in that relationship you did not speak up for yourself and you felt the consequences of that. And so that relationship taught you about your voice and opened up your voice. That’s a gift. Even though it comes from like a negative experience, it’s a positive gift.

And so looking back on your past relationships when you’re able to kind of filter out the learnings and the lessons and the positivity and the great things about each person and the relationship and how you’ve grown from each one, when you’re able to focus on that and not sugar-coat the negative but learn from the negative so that it doesn’t happen again and it doesn’t come into your next relationships, then it’s a gift.

You’re the person you are today because of everything’s that’s happened to you in your past. And attractors know that, and attractors are really grateful and appreciative for who they are in this moment today. And so they are grateful for everyone that has brought them here to this point, whether it be through happy or unhappy circumstances, they’re grateful for everyone that’s come along.

And so they look at all their past relationships as gifts and they feel light and they feel grateful, so they’re able to let them go and move on. When they’re able to let go and move on there’s no anchors pulling them back into their past and setting them off into similar trigger patterns, they’re able to let go, move on, learn, and move forward.



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