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Attracting Love Series: 4

May 17th 2016

In this series of 7 videos, we are looking at the habits of people that are able to attract high quality relationships. The fourth habit is "Belief: You can attract love".

So the fourth habit of attractors that constantly attract high quality relationships into their lives is that (it might seem a little obvious) they believe this person is out there. They believe that this person exists.

That might seem completely obvious, but they totally trust that there is a person walking around somewhere on the planet that exists, that has a body, that has feelings, that has a mind, that has good, bad, ugly qualities, that has a personality, that has a history, that has a childhood. They might not connect to any sense of package, they might not know the race, height, colour of their skin, resume, income. They might not connect to any sense of those kind of outer qualities, but they have a connection to, what I call a soul essence attraction.

They understand that there is a person at the end of their desire rather than just hoping and wishing and kind of putting it out there and hopefully someone will come along and maybe they might come along. No. They just know. You know, I’ve sent a signal out to the universe, I would like to receive my partner and they trust that and totally believe that a person exists out there for them. They don’t ever doubt that. They trust that there’s a person out there.

And so when I’m coaching clients some don’t have this belief yet. One thing I get them to do is kind of close their eyes and imagine it happening. But you know, when they’re thinking about their desire and wanting someone they start feeling a sense of ‘is it going to happen?’, ‘will it ever happen?’ and that doubt starts talking.  So I get them to connect to the idea and repeat in their mind, he has a birthday or she has a birthday, whoever you’re attracting. I’ll just say ‘he’ at this moment. He has a birthdate.

There was a time in existence when this person was born. It just might sound ridiculous, but when you connect to the idea that this person has a birthdate, they were born on a certain date in a certain family with perhaps has brothers and sisters. They have a particular mom and dad, in a particular cultural environment or religious environment or political environment. They have grown up. They have gone to school perhaps. They have gone to university. They have a birthdate.

And when it kind of clicks in that this person has a birthdate, and this is actually what got me when I was attracting my now husband out of the doubt was connecting to the idea that he has a birthdate. Oh, okay… I don’t have to create him. I don’t have to go out there and create a whole person. It’s done, he’s created. I just have to attract him. And so it’s a whole different game.

When you feel like you’ve got to create a person you’re thinking can someone actually exist with all the qualities that I desire and want, are my standards too high, am I being realistic and all that kind of stuff. You can let go of all that and really start to believe that you just have to attract this person. You don’t have to create him. They exist. And so that helps build the feeling of trust and belief in the fact that this person is out there and they exist.

So attractors believe that when they are ready to receive a relationship, that person exists, they’re out there, and they believe that it’s just a matter of time before the magnets come together and both partners are ready to receive each other and 10,000 wild horses can’t stop it from happening. And they totally trust in that process.

Sharanya xx

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