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Attracting Love Series: 3

May 15th 2016

In this series of 7 videos, we are looking at the habits of people that are able to attract high quality relationships. The third habit is "Living in Abundance".

The third habit of attractors that consistently attracts high quality relationships into their lives is that they live in abundance. They are so connected to the web of life and they live in complete abundance.

They know that the game of love is not played on the field of comparison. When they’re looking at friends that have found their life partners, they’re not thinking there’s no one left for me. They don’t buy into the whole scarcity game. They don’t kind of go for the whole all the good men are taken or all the good women are taken. They don’t go for the belief when you reach a certain age there’s not going to be that many options for you out there, so just settle.They don’t buy into that. They don’t buy into any sense of scarcity. They are so connected to abundance.

So when they see people in love they feel totally connected to that and they don’t feel separate from it. They feel part of that love. They are inside the web of life. They’re not observing from the outside andfeeling as though life is happening in front of them and they’re watching in. They’re inside it.

Abundance is this feeling of enough. It’s this feeling of when I’m ready and when my magnet is at the place where I’m vibrating at the place where I can attract the partner that is next for me, it will happen. They have complete trust that divine timing will happen, that they are doing all that they can to be open to receiving and not shutting down, and so they feel completely connected in their abundance because they feel somewhat in control of what they’re receiving. They don’t feel as though it’s a process that is happening separate from them or outside of them and they’re at the whim of it and they’ve just got to take whatever comes.

They have a great sense of the fact that they are a creator. And in order to feel as though you’re a creator you’ve got to understand that you’re living in a world of frequency. Being connected to abundance is going to help you understand that you can have whatever you want. When they see other people having what they want and getting what they feel completely elated by it. They don’t feel as though they’re going miss out in any way. They are completely connected to abundance and are able to step out of that game of scarcity, even if it’s happening around them. They plug out of that game.

Sharanya xx

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