• Sharanya Naidoo

A Friendly Mind

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

February 8th 2017

Pillar 5 in the Three Cups Full philosophy

Make your mind your best friend.

The fifth pillar is your mind can be your best friend. It can be sometimes hard to believe that when your mind is often gnawing at you, like a little rat or monkey, just always chattering away and really digging in to your sense of worth and self-esteem. But your mind can be your best friend. It needs to be trained.

And also, anything that is on repeat, any kind of horrible beliefs or attitudes about yourself that you have on repeat, can be deleted, can be cleared. There are so many different ways to clear it. And it can be cleared. So just know that, that horrible voice inside that tells you you’re not good enough can be eliminated.

There are a lot of people out there that say that you have to live with that voice for the rest of your life and you just got to figure out how to live with it, and I just don’t believe that. I had that voice. I swear, I had the voice. And through various ways that voice is now… well the voice that puts me down is gone. It’s not there anymore. My mind is now trained to be my greatest support, my greatest cheerleader, and my best friend.

When you are comfortable with the thoughts in your mind and the way your mind operates and is running you feel comfortable being alone. You’re not scared of your own company. You don’t try and numb out the thoughts by being busy or by any other means of numbing, whether it’s alcohol, whether it’s cigarettes, whether it’s shopping, whether it’s coffee, whatever we do to numb out those thoughts that kind of really slice up our self-esteem and self-image. You don’t have to do that anymore.

When you feel comfortable being in your own presence and in your own company, your mind needs to be your best friend. It needs to be on your side. It doesn’t always have to have this running commentary of everything that’s going to go wrong, everything you’ve done in your life that’s a mistake. It’s fuelled… it can be fuelled with these emotions of guilt and shame, and if that’s where these thoughts are coming from it can be cleared.

There are various emotional techniques and mind modalities that can help you clear out any negative limiting beliefs that you have about yourself. Hypnotherapy is one. Regression therapy is a deeper aspect of hypnotherapy. There’s EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. There’s kinesiology. There are flower essences, either bush or bark flower essences that work on the emotional body and releasing emotional heaviness and weight.

There are many, many different ways to release this stuff, and you don’t have to live with a mind that is your greatest enemy. There are ways to make your mind your best friend. And once your mind is your best friend… inner peace. That’s what inner peace is. Peace on the inside. When your mind is just supporting you, when you try something new and you’re following the voice of your soul and you try something new, your mind once you know, once it knows that that’s the plan that we’re going, we’re going in for that meeting, we’re going in for that job, we’re not fully qualified but we’re going to go in anyway, your mind can be your greatest support saying you’ve got this, just breathe, just be calm, relax, remember your notes. It can say all these things in the background as opposed to what are you doing, you’re not qualified, you’re not good enough for this, who do you think you are and all that kind of stuff.

When left unexamined your mind can become your greatest enemy. But when examined with awareness, when you remind yourself that you’re the awareness, the presence behind the thoughts, then you can watch your thoughts, you can look at them and you can delete the ones that don’t work for you. There’s plenty going on in there that’s loving, that’s sweet, that’s beautiful. Keep those. Delete the rest. You don’t have to live with a mind that’s your enemy. And the fifth pillar is your mind can be and should be your own best friend.



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