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4. Who's life are you living?: Feeling Stuck Series

February 21st 2018

This is the final blog post in the Feeling Stuck Series. What you need to perhaps think about if you’re feeling stuck is, who’s life are you living? Are you on the wrong train? Have you jumped on a it simply because you were told to or you saw someone else on it and thought it might be a good idea?

Your values should set your standards and from there you derive your goals. So look at your values. Are you living in accordance to your values or someone else’s?

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that my husband and I recently purchased a house. We had a lot of advice coming from different directions – buy an investment property first, buy in this suburb, you’ll need to spend at least x amount of money, buy a unit, buy a house, buy modern, buy old and renovate, do what we did. And so we couldn’t make any decisions – which house to buy, where to buy, should it be an investment property or a forever home, how many rooms, what’s our budget.

Once my husband received guidance from within in one of his meditations which said your house is your sanctuary, not an investment, we were able to start making decisions. That little message helped us align with our values.

We value peace and quiet, we value nature and spaciousness, we value family, we value each other. Once we connected to our values we were able to get unstuck and find what we needed. We found a house with a nice backyard for us to play as a family (when we finally have some kids). It backs on to a little park filled with gorgeous trees. It’s in a quiet neighbourhood. It’s a 30 year old house that has good bones, we can make it what we want, but it really is beautiful as it is. It’s big enough but not too big. It’s just right.

So, once again, who’s life are you living? What do you value and is your life aligned with these values? Are you on a train that’s going in a direction you’re not comfortable but you feel stuck, you can’t jump off the train? It’s never too late to change directions, and walk the path you want to. Dig deep.

What do you truly value, set your course, and sail with freedom in your heart.



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