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4 Steps: Manifesting

November 28th 2017

We got the house! Watch the video where I was talking about letting go of the outcome here:

After manifesting the house we wanted, I reflect on the 4 steps I feel got us there. Enjoy!

This week or today I wanted to talk about the breakdown of a manifestation or the skeleton of a manifestation. So if you’ve been following my blogs, I wanted to introduce you to Nick. Nick is our new little member of our team here in this household. He’s the bear that we received after we got our house. So it’s got BP Bear because Barry Plant is the real estate agent that we’ve bought the house from.

A couple of blogs ago I did a video on manifesting a house but the importance of letting go of the result. So that was our challenge for the past week, letting go of the outcome, letting go of the result, letting the universe take over after we did everything we could, but also letting go of that house being the one for us, letting go of that attitude. We had to maintain this positive vibration and attitude and this understanding that if it’s meant for us let it come to us. If it’s not meant for us then let it go. And we had to be comfortable with letting it go despite loving the house. So good news, we won the auction and this is Nick.

I’m going to go through the four steps to give you more detail about how we manifested this house. We’ve been very fortunate with houses for the past five years. We’ve honestly manifested everything we wanted each step of the way. And when it finally came time to buying a house, we felt much more nervous than ever before, but prior we’ve always just rented houses, but when it comes to buying a house it’s a bit nerve-racking because it’s a long term thing. So obviously we wanted it to be perfect for us and our needs.

The first thing that we really needed to do was we needed to get rid of all confusion about what we wanted. We needed to get rid of any opposing intentions, because when you’ve got opposing intentions they cancel each other out and then you won’t manifest anything.

What do I mean by opposing intentions? So often you have a conscious intention which is I want to win a million dollars for example. Underneath subconsciously there’s an opposing intention that says I don’t want to win a million dollars. I will lose all my friends. So those are two opposing intentions and they will cancel each other out and you won’t get anything. You won’t manifest anything because your energy vibration is mixed and the signal you’re putting out there is not clear and so you can’t attract what you want.

We had to get rid of confusion. We had to get rid of any opposing intentions. Luckily we didn’t have anything subconsciously. We were happy with receiving a house. We felt we deserved to. We didn’t have any hang-ups around houses, but what we did need to get rid of was the confusion around what exactly we wanted.

Prior to this beautiful holiday in Costa Rica, we were very up in the air about what it is we wanted. We thought maybe we’d go for an investment property, start small, work our way up you know in ten years’ time to a dream home, a family home. We were thinking maybe we’ll just rent. We’ll just find the perfect house to rent and not get into the buyers’ market. We were undecided about where we wanted to live. We were undecided about what type of house we wanted, whether it was going to be small or big. We were undecided about the price range. So there was a lot of confusion. So there was no chance of us attracting anything that would suit our needs because we had no idea what our needs were.

After our holiday we came back so clear about what we wanted. We decided… Well, we received guidance that for us we need to not think about a house as an investment but rather think of it as a sanctuary, a sanctuary where we can nurture our souls and raise our family hopefully one day when we have some kids, a sanctuary that would be conducive to a really harmonious upbringing for children and a harmonious environment for us to just recharge, to feel “at home”, to feel really peaceful and comfortable, as opposed to thinking of a house as an investment and thinking about resale and thinking about it in terms of this house needs to give us something back later, you know, like it owes us, we need to think about it as transactional. That takes away this feeling of relaxation in the house.

And so, when we realised okay, we’re looking for a sanctuary, we’re looking for a retreat, it became easier, it became a little bit easier to then go out and find a sanctuary or a retreat as opposed to an investment property. So that became really clear.

We also had this loose list in our head about what we wanted in a house. We wanted three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two garage. We wanted that. We’re trying to live a minimalist lifestyle. We’re trying to be happy with less. And so far we have no regrets in everything that we’ve decluttered and let go of, so it’s a move that we’re happy to continue going with. So we didn’t want anything bigger than that. And we forsee that we could live there for the next fifteen, possibly twenty years with two kids eventually. So we were looking for a family home. So, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two garage. We brought certainty there. That’s what we wanted.

Then the embellishments. So we love lofted ceilings so we wanted lofted ceilings. We wanted a bathtub or a space to renovate and put a beautiful bathtub in. We wanted to be opposite a park so we could have views of a forest and trees… very tricky, when you live in a metropolitan city like Melbourne. We wanted a big backyard. And we wanted in a specific budget. So on top of the natural amenities like proper heating and cooling and you know, decent kitchen, clean, not rundown, those were kind of the embellishments that we were going with. So we got really clear about what we wanted.

The second thing that we did was we allowed our intuition to guide us. So we weren’t fixed with where to find this house. We just allowed our intuition to guide us. So we found ourselves looking at suburbs that we originally didn’t think we wanted to live in, and it just broadened our perspective on the benefits of certain suburbs that we had initially written off. So that was through our guidance of how about just typing this in to the search, you know, on the real estate website. And through that process of searching we were able to shortlist a few options. So we allowed our intuition to guide us.

The third thing is, we took action. When you’re guided you can just sit on that guidance and think about the guidance and not do anything about it, but we had to act on the guidance. So we actively went out, I went and saw a few properties, we drove past certain neighbourhoods, we spoke to people, we listened to advice. So we realised that when… if we’re going to an auction we’re not going to bid for ourselves. My husband was hell-bent on doing the auction himself, on doing the bidding. And thankfully to a few beautiful close friends who just are capable of being completely honest with us, they said no, get someone in who knows how to bid to give yourself the best chance.

Then we were looking for a buyers’ agent. And we did our research, we called a few people up, we made inquiries, we took action on that advice and that guidance that we received, and eventually we found a house that we really liked. We asked one of our clients that comes to our clinic actually, our physiotherapy clinic if he would be willing to bid for us. He just offered his services at no charge.

In a very strange way once we found this particular house that we liked and as soon as we walked in my husband knew this is the one I want. I was a bit more cautious because I didn’t want to attract a particular house. I wanted to attract all the qualities of a house rather than having an address. I was always careful just to say if it’s right for us then bring it to us.

Once we found this property that we were happy to bid on and put an offer on, we took action and we asked someone to be our buyer’s advocate, and he just decided that he just wanted to do it for us. Amazing. Amazingly generous. And his name is Nick, which is why this little bear is Nick. And on the day he bid for us and if it were not for him we would not have gotten the house because we just would not have been able to bid the way he did and he guided us about prices and our upper limit. But we needed to ask him, we needed to speak it, we needed to go out and ask for what we wanted, we needed to take action. And because of that we had momentum and we had energy going into this place.

Finally, we needed to let it go. We needed to say if this is not the house for us despite loving it, despite it checking everything off in our checklist, logically this is a great place, intuitively it feels great, we still had to let it go because you can’t see around corners, you don’t know what type of neighbours you’re going to have, you don’t know really about the neighbourhood if you’ve not lived there before, you can hear things from other people but truly do you really know. We really had to let it go because we knew that the universe knows more than we do and we trust the universe more than we trust our own mind to make the decision for us. So we had to let it go.

Having said that we still prepared as though we would win it. So we came in with full energy of this is what we want but if it’s not for us we’re letting it go and we’re happy to not receive it. But on auction day I bought a box of celebrations. It’s still sitting on the counter, celebration chocolates, because we had a couple of people come to the auction to support us, and I thought even if we don’t get it we’re having this chocolate anyway. And if we do get it we’ve got these as a celebration.

We put that in our bag. We dressed up, like I had lipstick on. I only honestly wear makeup to do videos. If you see me walking around town, I don’t wear makeup every day, barely at all actually. But I did. I dressed up because I was thinking well if we do win then we’re going to have to stand with that auction sticker, the “sold” sticker on the sales board out the front of the house and we wanted it to look like we’re celebrating. It’s a special day if we do win.

We dressed up. In fact, I spoke to my mum earlier in the morning and it was about 9 o’clock in the morning and they were getting ready to go out and she said what are you doing, why are you so dressed up. I’m like Mum, I could be buying a house today. So it was this positive… positive feelings.

Along the way we got a few signs from the universe just to stay positive. And looking back… you can always connect the dots looking back. They were really positive signs like as a kid I used to find four-leaf clovers all the time. At school there’d be patches of clover and I would be the one that would find several four-leaf clovers in one lunchtime. I would find five-leaf clovers,  seven-leaf clovers, eight-leaf clovers where two four ones… four-leaf clovers look like they’re coming from the same stem.

I was just good at finding these clovers and obviously four-leaf clovers mean good luck. I haven’t found a four-leaf clover in so many years but the last time we went for the inspection to this house I opened the door of the car and I stood up on the grass and I found a five-leaf clover. So I took it as a bit of a sign. I said oh my gosh, look. I showed my husband. Look at this five-leaf clover. He’s like is that a sign? I’m like I don’t know, I think so. But we kept it. So we were just open to the positive energy.

Number four was letting it go. Now bonus tip… When you get really clear with your relationship with your inner voice, you can be really specific with the guidance that you’re asking from it. You can ask questions and it will give you the answer.

So inside information, my husband and I are completely polar in the way we see the world and the way we interact with the world in that he’s very analytical, he’s got… he had several spreadsheets with all the research, with all the houses that have sold in the past year, with all the permutations and combinations and in an effort to come up with an upper limit to give Nick on the day when he was bidding for us. And so we were trying to figure out what’s our upper limit, what will we just walk away from, what’s the figure.

And so, he had all of these spreadsheets and he was drowning in the numbers and he was getting more and more kind of confused about what should that number be. He changed his mind on and off several, several times. In the end I said look, do you want me just to tune in? Do you want me to check in and come up with a number?

I used my pendulum and using itI came up with a specific figure. And he said oh, that’s a bit high. I said look, I have a feeling that we need this figure as an upper limit but it’s not going to go for that much. In fact, let me check to see how much I think it’s going to go for… how much it will go for. So I checked with the pendulum and it gave me a second figure, a lower figure of what it will go for. And I said look, I think this should be our upper limit but I reckon it’s going to go for this. This is what I’m getting. This is what I’m tuning in. This is what I’m getting.

He sat on that number for a day or so and he came back, and he was looking at the spreadsheets and he’s like look, I think that’s a really good figure. Logically I think that’s the best figure for us to go in with. So we did. We gave that figure to Nick. Sure enough, if it hadn’t been for that figure we would not have got the house and the amount that my intuition, that my inner voice said it would actually go for is what it went for. It went one and a half thousand above that number.

For the first time my husband’s been blown away by my inner voice. He’s always like oh yeah, but you know, maybe it was just luck, maybe it was just coincidence. Slowly, slowly the more and more these kinds of things happen the more he’s convinced that there’s something here, there’s something to divine intelligence and having access to it.

Exactly what my inner voice said is what it went for miraculously. So… and we were the lucky buyers. So we’re very, very excited. We’ve got Nick. Thank you, Nick, the amazing angel that helped us in this journey and a gift from the universe is what he is. Without him we would not have been able to do it. We had several people just come and help us. It was like we just felt so supported by the universe and by our community and everyone around us and we’re just so grateful.

Those were the four tips, you know, get really clear about what you want, get rid of any confusion, allow your intuition to guide you but once it does take action, number three, and number four let go of the outcome. Whatever comes to you when you’ve given it your full, clean energy will be right for you.



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