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3. Two-Way Conversation: The 4 levels of the inner voice series

April 5th 2018

Inner Voice Series: Video 3 - today we are talking about the third level when tuning in to your inner voice - Two Way Conversation. Imagine all the time you take in making decisions. Have you ever lost time, energy and mind bandwidth to indecision? I definitely have. This level of tuning into your inner voice means that when you ask a question - you hear the answer right away. Game-changer!

The two-way conversation

It’s all about the different levels when building the relationship with our inner voice, and this video is Level Three. Level Three is the two-way conversation. If you’ve been following the series the first one was the gut instinct, the gut-level response, the second level is when you get flashes of insight, and this third level is when you can have a two-way conversation with your inner voice. Game-changer. It is amazing.

If you think about all the energy and time that goes into making decisions whether they’re simple, daily decisions or whether they’re huge, life-long decisions, that energy is so immense that if you had a way to reduce that to just a fraction you would take it because you get all that life back, all that energy, all that time back, which can then go into implementation.

So, there’s the decision-making phase when putting anything into the world you’ve got to make a decision, you’ve got to decide what it is you want or which way to go or which option to go with. And then you’ve got to do it. You’ve got to put it into practice. And so the more time that gets put into making the decision, the less time there is to actually go out and execute.

When you are at the stage or the level of the two-way conversation with your inner voice you can ask questions and you will hear the guidance straight away. You’ve trained yourself to have that vessel open to receive guidance, to be open enough in your energy and in your attachment to the result, to the response, you’re letting that go, to then receive really clear, clear guidance.

What that means is that your mind isn’t in control. It’s not chattering away loudly preventing you hearing your inner voice. You’ve figured out a way to reduce the level of noise that your mind is producing. You can’t switch it off, it’s the function, the mind thinks, but you don’t have to always feed it and draw your attention to it. You’ve figured out how to then bring more energy and awareness and focus on your inner voice to open up the gateway. So, when you ask a question to your inner voice you can hear the answer straight away because you know how to listen.

When you ask your inner voice a question, you can hear the answer

And that’s the secret of the two-way conversation. It’s truly understanding and knowing that anytime you ask a question, anytime you put a prayer out into the world, you always get an answer. You will always get an answer. It’s not always what you want to hear but you will always get an answer. And the way to capitalise on that is to train yourself to listen properly.

The two-way conversation is really a game-changer. It’s so much fun because when you get the guidance you can then act on it. That takes courage to actually follow the guidance, especially if it’s telling you what you don’t want to hear. And the biggest umbrella for the inner voice is that it will never ask you to do something that will bring harm to others or yourself. It will never ever do that.

You know you’re hearing your inner voice when there is no judgment in it toward yourself or toward other people. There is no judgment in it. It understands that everyone is unique and beautiful and on a path of unfolding. And so you’re not wrong or you shouldn’t feel ashamed to be where you are in that unfoldment. That is just the process.

There’s no judgment ever that comes from the inner voice. It’s often very quiet. So, to hear it that noise in your mind has got to be quite low, it’s often surprising, so you have an idea about what you want to do but the inner voice will guide you, for me so many times often in another way, and that will only become apparent to why many days later, sometimes months later… Ah, that makes sense now. Now I understand why I was guided to do that. But at the time you’ve got an idea of where you want to go.

Let go of what you want the answer to be

Your ability to hear the guidance is in proportion to your ability to let go of what you want and let go of what your mind is telling you you should go with. That two-way conversation means that you can ask and you receive it straight away. It’s beyond flashes of insight where you are on the receiving end. Now you are participating in that conversation, and it changes your life. It changes your life when you can hear the guidance of your soul. It means you can get just about the business, get on with it with walking that path and moving with your soul. When you are on that path there is no destination that you have to get to. Walking with your soul allows that path to unfold before you.

And so there’s never an endpoint. It’s just more experiences, more discovery, more people to interact with or the same people at a deeper level, so it’s a different experience. But it’s just more rich. It’s more present. It’s more open. It’s more loving. It’s more engaged. It’s more active. You contribute more. It’s a place where you are full on the inside and you can then not only give to yourself but then give to others. It’s a beautiful unfoldment and you can do it with less delay when you can hear the guidance from your inner voice and that is when you’ve got that two-way conversation going.

Challenge for the week is…

My challenge for this week is to… it’s a huge challenge but it’s to hear the guidance of your inner voice in a two-way conversation. The way to do that is to recognise how loud your mind is. How loud is my mind and how can I reduce that volume? How can I reduce that chatter and that pull towards listening to the mind? The mind will fight for your attention. It will fight for your attention because it’s often stuck on survival, so it doesn’t want you to try anything new, whereas your inner voice guides you through your comfort zone. It guides you step by step into the unknown because for it it is not unknown. It can see through the darkness but your mind can’t.

Your mind is often loud when fear rules your system. So the louder the voice of your mind is, often the higher the level of fear is in your system, fear about making mistakes, fear of looking like a fool, fear of being judged, fear of not being smart enough, not being good enough, all these fears come up and they cloud our connection to our inner voice.

So for the next week notice how loud your mind is because that is often the clincher. That’s what prevents you having that two-way conversation. Your inner voice always answers, so you’ve just got to train yourself to listen to it, and the way to listen to it is to create inner silence. How silent is your life? How often do you experience silence? Even if I stopped talking right now and there’s silence, do you still maintain inner silence or is it really loud on the inside? You could be in a silent room and it could be deafening on the inside. And so that’s what prevents the connection at the level of a two-way conversation with your inner voice. How silent am I? The more quiet you become the more you can hear.

And so that’s my challenge, to try and increase the silence, reduce the noise within you to then have that two-way conversation. That’s the challenge for this week. I’m so excited to hear how you go. Definitely send me messages, privately or on the blog or on the YouTube channel. I’m really curious to hear how you go this week.



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