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3. No mojo?: Feeling Stuck Series

February 15th 2018

Feeling stuck? This series is all about what to do when that happens. Today's video talks about the possibility that you might have lost your mojo and that's the reason you're feeling stuck. So how do you get your mojo back?

We’re in the middle of the series that’s all about what to do when you’re stuck, how to get out of feeling stuck, and today we’re talking about passion. Sometimes when we’re feeling stuck, we’ve really just lost our mojo. We don’t have anything in our life that excites us and if it did we wouldn’t be procrastinating, we wouldn’t feel stuck, we would make decisions and we would move towards it. Today is all about ideas on how to get your passion back or to find your passion or even to create it, to feel more empowered about being passionate as opposed to being passive and just letting it kind of come to you.

There’s a few things that you can do. You can get moving in any way possible in the direction of play and fun. Take the stress away from whatever it is you’re feeling stuck about whether it’s business, work, family, whatever it is that’s causing the stress and allow yourself to move in the direction of play. That can be really difficult when you’re feeling lethargic and feeling like you’re lazy and you just want to laze on the couch and just watch Netflix. It can be hard to get moving. And in those moments what you think is going to get you unstuck is some light bulb decision, is some light bulb clarity. But what you’ll notice is that when you are swimming in the energy of indecisiveness your clarity is not sharp if you’re just sitting in that space. To help clarity come to you, to get those light bulb moments, shifting the energy is going to do wonders.

So, how do you do that? One, you just get moving. You could just start moving your body. Go for a walk. Go to a yoga class if you’ve got the energy to do that. Go for a run if you’re normally a runner. Get your body moving, like even if it’s just walking to the shops instead of driving, if it’s just taking time at the shopping centre for example instead of being functional about it and just getting what you want, walk around, be with other people people, just get moving, get out of… just break the rut of your daily routine. So, moving your body can help shift some energy.

The second thing that you can do is allow yourself to say yes to fun. So when people are inviting you to a birthday party or to the movies or wherever, going to the beach or going for a daytrip somewhere, say yes to it. Some of the reasons that you would say no to it is because I have to focus, I have to figure out how to get unstuck, I have to make a decision about this and so I’m going to delete anything that’s going to distract me from this. And by doing that you’re sometimes just staying in that place that’s promoting indecision. That’s just not going to allow you to break the thinking patterns that are keeping you stuck in that place of indecision.

So, breaking routine, saying yes to fun, going out and being with other people and try to take an open look when you go out with other people… I mean it’s very easy to almost bring the party down by talking about what you’re stuck about and what you’re indecisive about but try to just put that on the shelf and allow the space of enjoying these people’s company and whatever activity that you’re doing that’s going to bring a little bit of… just a spark of joy back into your day. So that’s just shifting the energy to get it moving.

Specifically, about finding things that you’re passionate about, look for things that are outside the area that you’re getting stuck like I was saying before. So if say for example you’re having problems with business, find something that you’re… there’s an inkling of passion, there’s an inkling of excitement in an area that’s outside of business. So it could be golf. It could be some kind of sport. It could be painting. It could be an art exhibition. It could be just reconnecting with an old friend or someone you haven’t seen in a while. But find something that brings a bit of excitement back, that’s got an active flow to it, so like you’re getting your hands stuck into it, like ceramics or like you’re creating something, making something that’s not about the problem that you’re trying to fix or solve or overcome.

Engaging in something that has your concentration and your time that you’ll see an end result from … so getting your creative juices flowing in one area that’s completely a blank slate, that’s got no hang-ups, no problems no worries, no stress … allows that creative energy and flow and all those juices to spill out into other areas. By bringing back that spark and that passion in a place that’s creative can remind you what it feels like to be creative, to be resourceful, to be open, and can bring you to a place where you can actually make those decisions and see the options around you and find the solution to whatever it is that’s getting you feeling stuck.

Igniting some passion back into your life can then help you focus… refocus your mind about what you want, getting back to what does light me up, what does get me out of bed in the morning. So, if you’re feeling stuck and you’re not sure where to go, check to see if your mojo has gone on holiday, just need like your spark back, like you’ve forgotten what you want, you’ve forgotten what makes you happy and you’ve stopped doing that for yourself. And in those various ways you can allow that to come back into your life by being quite proactive about it, like stepping into it, being very mindful that okay I’m here, I’m stuck, I’ve lost a lot of passion for a lot of things, nothing is really getting me excited, if something were to get me excited I will move towards it, let me find what that is.

And it can be as simple as just starting with play, just starting with fun stuff with friends to moving to something that’s creative and getting your focus and your creative abilities going and eventually spilling into the area that’s got you stuck where your creative apparatus is being switched off in that area. Getting all these other peripheral things going can then help you get the centre-piece going, so the area in your life that’s anchoring you in feeling stuck can shift by just looking at the outside ring in your life of what’s available to you.

Look at the resources around you, look at your friends, look at the people around you, look at your environment. What’s there? Are there any festivals? Are there any kind of music gigs at night that you’ve not gone to in a long time? Are there any movies outside of Netflix that we can actually go to a cinema and enjoy it there that’s calling you? Are there any sports that you’ve given up that you can just go have one game of and not have to put a full commitment into it? Is there a pottery class that you can take up? I love pottery because it’s hands-on, you get out of your head and you’re just in your hands. And that could be painting. It could also be poetry and just using a different part of your brain. But there’s several things that you can do to ignite excitement and passion into your life that will then help you get creative and that creativity will then help you be resourceful in the area that is actually stuck.



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