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2. Pause, relax, integrate: Feeling Stuck Series

February 8th 2018

Feeling Stuck Series: In this second video we explore how feeling stuck may be a sign that you need to take time to integrate any lessons/learnings/experiences that you have recently gone through. It may not be a bad thing!

We are in the middle of the series how to overcome being stuck, how to get out of that place of being stuck, not knowing where to go, feeling really heavy, not moving, just overcome with inertia. In this video, we’re talking about what could keep you in the space of feeling stuck and how it might serve you.

When you notice that you’re not able to get moving and you’re in the middle of confusion and things are just not opening up for you, you can’t hear your inner voice, your mind is confused, it’s muddled, it doesn’t know what to do, sometimes what’s happening is your system is integrating learnings that you are experiencing at the time.

Life is a big school, there’s a lot of lessons that we learn, and it’s also a big playground as well, so you learn lessons, but you also have fun. It’s not always so serious about having to learn things every step of the way. Sometimes the order of the day is just to have fun and play. But when you’re feeling stuck there’s sometimes a lesson that is integrating and it needs time to just move parts in your system so that it’s completely integrated and you’re ready to step into a new field, into a new space, into a new vibration.

And so, in those moments when you’re feeling stuck, check in and just ask yourself am I someone that always has to be active and busy? Are you someone that’s running all the time and so this feeling of stopping and being confused, not knowing which direction to go in, is sometimes just your body saying slow down, rest, integrate. You might have just had a huge upheaval with the full moon that happened the start of this month, the blue, red, super, full moon that was just gorgeous and that can pull up a lot of stuff from inside.

And you’re wanting to hit the ground running but your body is just saying stop, rest. So you’re not actually not progressing which is what you feel often when you’re feeling stuck. You think – I’m not getting anywhere, I’m not moving forward, wasting time, I’ve got things to do, people to see, and your body is just saying stop, just rest, don’t feel stuck, just feel rest, just allow your body to relax, allow your your mind to relax. Notice if you’re someone who’s constantly busy in thought, in word, and in deed. Are you are always go, go, go, go and you’re judging this restful period as feeling stuck.

Know the turnaround time for your decisions. If you’re a fast decision-maker then one or two days of indecisiveness is going to have you feeling stuck. It’s going to make you feel lazy. It’s going to make you feel like you’re procrastinating if you’re used to just being on.

Just check in and see am I just meant to chill for a couple of days, am I just meant to sit with all the emotions that are bubbling and coming up and moving through me and allow it to just flow through you. If you are shutting it down with your mind and forcing it… forcing yourself to make a decision and go you can sometimes just create a dam. The energy is wanting to flow out of you, the emotions are wanting to release, all those dead decisions are wanting to get out of your system, but if you’re not giving it the space to just do that, to flush out, you can create a bit of a dam by focusing on something else and not letting your body process it. This means it will take longer to release at the end of the day.

So, notice if you are actually being called to rest. Is your body saying just relax, just breathe, don’t make any decisions, we will get there, clarity will come next week. Just sit with the confusion, sit with the feeling of being in a washing machine and allow it to process, allow it to integrate. That can sometimes be what the stuck feeling is. So tune in and see if that’s relevant to you.



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