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1. Will power vs Inner Voice: Feeling Stuck Series

February 2nd 2018

What to do when you feel stuck: This is the first video in the new series on Feeling Stuck. Today we are talking about using our Will Power vs our Inner Voice and how the confusion of which path to follow leaves us feeling stuck. We also talk about what we can do to overcome this challenge.

In this new series we’re talking about feeling stuck and what do we do when we’re feeling stuck, how do we get out of it? We’ve all been there. It’s a big problem that a lot of people face when we’re swimming inside this inertia, this feeling of inertia. So, the series is all about what to do when you’re feeling stuck. And today we’re going to talk about our inner voice versus willpower and how do we integrate both of those internal components within ourselves into our lives.

Our inner voice is the guidance that we get from within, from deep within. It’s the place that people call their soul, their Ātma, the stillness within them that exists beyond the dimension of their mind and that’s where the inner voice broadcasts from. Willpower on the other hand is a function of our conscious mind. We deliberately decide on certain things and we, with concentration and focus, pursue certain things that we are wanting to achieve, wanting to have, and wanting to be. Willpower is very much a function of the conscious mind and the inner voice is the one broadcasting messages from our soul.

Sometimes we find ourselves sitting on our hands waiting for the inner voice to guide us and we feel paralyzed to move until we get that inner guidance. If you’ve been on the path and you’ve been able to listen to your inner voice and converse with it and you know what it sounds like, you know when you can hear it. This, sometimes, can create a bit of a downfall for us, a bit of a trap door because we know what it sounds like, we know that the guidance is always spot on, we know that when we follow it we don’t regret it, we know that if we hear and we don’t follow it we end up regretting it. And so waiting to hear our inner voice and be sure and certain that this is the direction it’s wanting us to go in can sometimes leave us paralyzed until we hear the guidance. So, that can leave us feeling stuck if you’re someone who can hear your inner voice.

If you’re in that situation there’s two things that you could do.

The first thing, which if you’ve been watching the videos we’ve talked about before, you just brainstorm on a big piece of paper every single option there is, whether it’s coming from your inner voice, your mind, your heart, other people, everything, all options in the front of your mind. You pick the one that seems the most logical or seems the most outstanding, it’s sticking out for you, it’s calling you, and just go with it with your full self. That’s one easy simple way to just get out of inertia, that is, to just pick a decision, pick a pathway and just keep walking on it. It’s much easier to change the direction of the ball once it’s rolling than to get it started rolling. So ,that’s one thing that you can do.

The second thing to tune in and just check is that when you are very switched on to your inner voice and it’s very present in your life and it guides most of your decisions and you’re feeling stuck about a particular decision and you’re not quite sure what it’s trying to tell you, sometimes I’ve noticed the inner voice teaches us how to embrace our willpower. If you’ve done the work at clearing out blocks, subconscious blocks, dead energy that’s inside us, emotional plugs that have been influencing our decisions and our behaviour and we’ve let go of majority of that (sometimes easy to think that it’s a majority) there’s always layers there, but you know you’ve let go of a fair bit and it’s no longer tripping you up, what I found is that the inner voice then brings you back in alignment with your willpower. So much so, that it guides you to pick something, to see life as this massive smorgasbord of experiences with things you can try out, people you can meet, new creative hobbies that you can pursue, new business ideas that get you excited. There’s such an array of things available for each person to endeavour that you don’t want to limit yourself… well not limit yourself but you don’t want to get stuck just waiting to get going.

So, the inner voice, it guides us to bring back our willpower in that it says what do you want? What do you want to experience? Now that we’ve let go of stuff that’s holding us back that was plugging up our experience and stopping us from moving forward, we were self-sabotaging, we were tripping over ourselves, not allowing ourselves to get where we want to go, and that’s been cleared and we’re moving and we’re progressing, we’re seeing results… If there’s nothing left to clear from the past, your inner voice guides you to take on your willpower to then create your future.

What do you want to create? That can be entirely up to you.

There is the path of your soul that’s unfolding but there’s so many ways to allow that kind of delicious path to grow and manifest. There’s so many different flowers on that path. And your inner voice will guide you to ask yourself where do I want to go, what do I want to experience, what would excite me, what have I not done yet?

And so that could be one of the reasons that you’re stuck because your inner voice is trying to prompt you to explore and to decide consciously what you want to do.

So, it’s two different things, two different things that you can explore.

The first is just a very practical, pragmatic way of moving from being stuck, so getting out of the inertia and just brainstorming all the options in front of you and picking one and going with it.The second is to tune in and see is there something I’m learning here? Is there something that wants to develop? Is there something that is coming forth as a new transformation, as a new part of my evolution, and that could be your inner voice guiding you back to your willpower, to your conscious decision-making by asking you what do you want, what do you want to experience instead of listening to your inner voice about what you think is the right thing to do. Your inner voice might be guiding you saying all of it is right, go. Pick something. Go. There’s nothing tripping you up. There’s nothing holding you back. You’ve got open skies and wide horizon. Run. Which direction do you want to run in?

Just tune in and see if there’s a lesson inside the place of inertia, the place of being stuck. Is your inner voice not responding to your questions because both options are perfectly fine, and it’s just asking you to explore what do I want to do, which one do you want to go with? They’re both going to be fine. It’s all in the same direction of your path. You’re not veering off. You’ve got choice here.

That’s two ways to explore the inertia and to help yourself move away from feeling stuck. If you’ve noticed that you’re just getting a bit lethargic, you’re not moving, you’re waiting… waiting too long to the point that it’s getting uncomfortable, a bit embarrassing perhaps, you’re not feeling your high energy, you’re not feeling good about yourself, there’s something that’s lugging behind … have a look, have a look inside and just notice whether you’re meant to learn a lesson or you’re just meant to pick something and go because you’re not able to 100% tune in to your inner voice in that first instance.



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