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1. Making New Year’s Resolutions 2018

December 27th 2017

It's that time of year again! New Year's is almost upon us. Watch my four part series on how to make new year's resolutions that stick! Today it's all about how to pick a resolution that means something to you.

We all think about it at the beginning of a year. It’s a fresh start, it’s a new chapter, it’s a next page in the book of our life, and we’re thinking about all the things that didn’t manifest in 2017 and how much we want them to in 2018 and our resolve and our conviction and what we need to do to make that happen. So this video is all about setting resolutions or intentions as I call them that work. How do we set resolutions and intentions that work?

I am guilty of setting intentions every year and them not working. So I have set intentions around body and getting stronger and more energetic, I’ve set intentions around my home and making it look the way I want it to and learning habits that keep it in a state of tidiness, because I’m a messy person, and I wanted it to be organised. So that’s been like a running theme.

Thankfully this year and last year the house stuff has been sorted out. There’s other videos that I’ve done on minimalising the house, decluttering, and making sure your home is like a haven. But 2017 was a different way… a different approach to resolutions for me. So… I don’t have the book with me. I’ll put an image up of Danielle LaPorte’s book that talks about how to set intentions from a place of feeling.

So, in 2017 my happiness jar that I talked about a few videos ago has the words… But it’s got the words rhythm, emboldened, and delight written on this jar. And so 2017 was all about manifesting these three qualities within myself and experiences in my life. So I wanted to feel like I’m inside the pulse of life, the heartbeat of the Earth and of the universe and consciousness that’s trying to manifest through me.

Rhythm was a really juicy word for me. Emboldened was all about being brave and doing things that scared me and challenged me. And delight was such a juicy word, it was all about cherishing and seeking and relishing the small, beautiful details in life, and sometimes big details, but it was just this feeling of delight.

So, 2017 was a year of being very clear about how I wanted to feel for the year. It’s very different from the previous years where I’ve set intentions from the space of having stuff. So the way I see resolutions is you can create resolutions from three different places within yourself. You can either create resolutions about having stuff, so I want a new house, I want a new car, I want to go on holidays.

You can create resolutions from the space of doing things, so I want to create a business, I want to reach these milestones in business, I want to run a marathon. So these are ‘doing’ resolutions that kind of give you a goal and you can get to it at a certain point in time.

But this year, 2018, next year, I’m going to set a resolution from the space of being. Who do I want to be in 2018? So resolutions of like having stuff, doing stuff, and being. What do I want to be? Who do I want to be?

If you follow me on Instagram I recently went to this most magical place in New South Wales in Australia. It’s called Shambhala Gardens. It’s a crystal castle and honestly they are the largest crystals you will ever see. There’s some photos on Instagram of me standing next to these massive amethyst crystals.

It was just such a magical, magical trip. It was a one day thing. I went with my mum, my grandma, my auntie, and my beautiful cousin. And the five of us had a girls’ day out while the boys went and did golf and it was just magical.

In this garden there are different places to just kind of connect within and there’s this massive Buddha statue and then like a labyrinth, a crystal spiral down near the Buddha. But the one that I really, really was blessed with was this massive crystal spiral that in the middle had a huge… I think it was a clear quartz chair, it was massive, two pieces of crystal, and you sit in the middle of it.

Basically, you set an intention and if you don’t have an intention the little plaque next to it said allow this spiral to awaken the next layer within you, so your next layer of awakening. It has the potential to do that. So I didn’t have any intention. I just went okay inner voice, soul, unfold. Let’s play. Let’s just see what happens.

You walk in this circle, in an anticlockwise direction, and then you get into the middle of the spiral and then you sit on this crystal seat for five minutes, being mindful that only one person can do it at a time so you’ve got to make sure that the line is not huge. Luckily for me it was quiet. No one was waiting for me. I could take my time.

I sat on this crystal and just kind of downloaded stuff. And then once you’re done you unwind back out of the spiral. So it’s kind of like this journey going deeper and deeper and deeper within yourself and then finding your centre and all the wisdom that comes from that place and then kind of integrating and coming back out.

What came to me, what came from me when I did this walk were just two words and they were ‘go gently’. And it gives me goose bumps talking about it. But the spiral path, this awakening brought these words to me and it was go gently, go gently. And it really resonated within me. It really, really pulled at the deepest core within me. And then as I kept saying it it just got a little bit broader. So it said go gently and lovingly. Go gently. Go lovingly. Go gently. Go lovingly. And it really affected me.

I took my time coming back out. There was no one waiting so I really took my time coming back out and just saying yes to that, because when you hear your inner voice you can say no, you can hear it and then go nah, I’m doing this instead. So I really was mindful about saying yes to those words, ‘go gently’.

I then went on for the rest of the day, I went about my day, and fast forward like about an hour we were all having lunch on this beautiful deck overlooking the mountains and the valley and these massive crystal amethysts, and I wanted to shout everyone lunch because it was my mum’s birthday the next day so this was like my gift to everyone and to her. And she is a quality time person so this was the best gift I could think of to give her, like time with family and a beautiful lunch and just a whole day in this crystal palace.

I realised that I forgot my wallet, like it was in the car. So I thought okay, let me go and get my wallet. So I left everyone at the table and then I was rushing to the car to get my wallet to come back and then enjoy the lunch with everyone. And as I’m rushing to the car, I’m walking through all these beautiful pathways filled with flowers and crystals and everything, and this inner prompting just said go gently.

This was after going through the spiral path. It just said go gently. I was like yes, why am I rushing? Why am I in such haste? And I just decided to just slow down and go gently, just walk the path to the car and let that moment be part of the magic of the day as opposed to feeling as though it was an inconvenience to forget my wallet and have to go there as a necessity rather than a joy and something that just needed to get done. It was like filler. It was like the day had some filler in it and it’s not the important part of it, it’s just stuff that I had to do.

The prompting to go gently brought me back to this place of presence of look where you are, you’re in a crystal castle with these winding paths, these beautiful trees. And it was just… it was the forest, and I realised that going to the car and coming back with my wallet was just as beautiful a moment as being with my family and having lunch. And it’s amazing but during the day and ever since I went through that spiral maze this inner prompting to go gently has been coming up.

I’ve decided that that’s the type of person I want to be in 2018, someone who goes gently and to eliminate this feeling of rush and haste in my life. And I know that the inner core is ‘to be’, the second layer is ‘to do’, and the third layer is ‘to have’. And so if I can get the ‘be’ right, then the ‘doing’ will take care of itself and the ‘having’ will take care of itself.

And so, I encourage you to think about what do you want to manifest in terms of being in 2018 and let that be your kind of guiding light. And of course have goals of having stuff, having a stronger body, having a healthy body, saving money to buy a house or buy a car, to get promoted, to have all of these amazing outer goals as well. But if you go to the core of your inner space, who you are and how you behave from an inner space is going to affect all those things, all those things.

Perhaps you might want to think of a quality that you want to develop. It could be consistency. It could be completing things. It could be patience. It could be non-judgment. It could be equanimity. So think in terms of qualities you want to cultivate. Who do you want to be in 2018 and allow that to be your resolution because that is a win every single day. Like if you just do it a tiny bit today… oh okay I know, I was just a bit more patient today… that’s a win. You don’t have to wait till like November 2018 to have this resolution completed.

By being more patient or by going gently everything that I do has the opportunity to then blossom with its own pace. It doesn’t have my anxiety and my conditions and my expectations on when things need to come. And in that space you open up and you open up to receiving what the universe has for you. So you become in vibrational alignment with things that you’re already desired, that’s already in your desire bowl. And instead of manic thoughts and feelings getting in the way, mucking up your vibration to attract what you want, your vibration will match it and that space of receiving will be open for you to receive it.

Good luck with setting your resolutions this year. Everyone does it and it’s not a bad thing. Do it. We get better every year at setting them. Don’t give up on it. It’s a habit of intention, like how do we set our intentions. That’s what a resolution is. And setting intentions is so, so key to living a fulfilling, nurturing, beautiful life. To live intentionally is key to that. And so don’t give up on setting New Year’s resolutions just because it hasn’t worked out in the past. Definitely set one, set something, steer your ship, chart out your course and allow the path to unfold before you.



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