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I'm Sharanya. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

I'm interested in the whispers of our soul, manifesting our soul's desires, and contributing to others in a way that leaves us feeling deeply fulfilled. If you are too, then welcome kindred spirit! You are in the right place for wonderful conversations.


What does your soul want for you. What are the deep desires sitting in your soul waiting to express through you? 


Your inner voice is the voice of your soul and it has all the answers you are seeking.


Our task is to learn how to listen to and cultivate the courage to follow its guidance. What is the result?

A deeply surrendered life. 

Imagine, for a moment, living from your highest moral standards, contributing to others in a way that is deeply fulfilling, and satisfied that you are expressing your most significant gifts. Living with trust in yourself, and trust in the divine power that is available to you opens doors that your mind could never have imagined for you. Let your soul be in charge.

So how do we do that? This is the question I am always asking myself.


Relationship & Life Coach. Past Life Regressionist. Hypnotherapist.

Reiki II Healer. Time Line Therapist(TM).

Previously worked as a Physiotherapist. 

Tried gardening a few times. Failed miserably. That was a bit of an education.


Meeting Sharanya was a life-changing experience. I had gotten to a point in my life where I wasn't in touch with what I wanted, and didn't even know why I felt as low as I did. All I knew was I really needed sugar and maybe she could help me get over that.

I did not expect at all that we would unearth forgotten memories and fears that were buried away, learnings that no longer served me and a life framework that would lift me to be the best version of whoever I am in a given moment. I am finally on my way to a new happily ever after - a fulfilling, purposeful career and loving relationship. A life which I can feel myself writing from my own heart.

Abi, Sydney

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